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Securipol Security Services 10 points to Crime Prevention

OFFICE SECURITY is your responsibility.

NEVER leaver handbags on desks, or wallets in coats, in your absence. Take them with you or lock them away.

ALWAYS keep money in a safe place, even if its only the tea money. Never leave it in an unlocked drawer during the day and at night put it in a safe or remove it from the building altogether.

BE CAREFUL with keys, keep them in a secure place and put spare keys to safes etc in desk drawers.

FASTEN vulnerable windows before you leave the office, its easy to forget, a thief can come and go in a couple of minutes.

NEVER assume that a stranger wandering in the building is an invited guest or member of Staff, challenge him/her, even “CAN I HELP YOU” will often deter the dishonest.

DONT be overawed by callers, even if he is plausable, make sure he/she is known and expected. Opportunist thieves are usually well dressed and always have stories well rehersed, they will often quote names of Staff seen posted on the outside of office doors, this gives their story a degree of authencity.

DONT just accept that a stranger is authorised to be in the Building or grounds just because he/she says so, check with someone or ask a colleague whilst you stay with the visitor. Escort the visitor to where he/she is expectedor the Security Lodge. Never allow anyone to remove office equipment without checking first.

NEVER leave callers alone in your office, use the telephone to enquire whether someone can see them.

DONT disclose confidential information to a stranger, no matter how important he/she may seem, always report such requests to your Department Head / Security Controller. Treat telephone callers in the same manner.

ALWAYS report suspicious circumstances to the site Security Controller.