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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Protection
• Fencing should be in good condition, open railed/welded mesh 2m high with no gaps
• Consider planting thorny shrubs inside fence at low level to deter climbing. They contribute to biodiversity (birds) but remember they may shade nearby planting
• Gates should be securely locked out of hours and have anti-climb features
• Shrubs/trees adjacent to fencing/gates should not provide climbing aids
• Vehicle access should be controlled to prevent fly-tipping (collapsible bollards)

• Reporting Incidents
• All incidents however small should be reported so that the agencies involved in Crime and Disorder Reduction are aware of the full scale of any problems being experienced on the
• Further advice can be obtained from your Local Crime Reduction Adviser.

Landscaping / Defensible Planting;
The prudent use of hostile/defensible shrubs, bushes or thorny hedgerows such as berberis, pyracantha or hawthorn can help prevent access over walls or at the rear of the playing field. It can be used to reinforce perimeter fencing as appropriate. Landscaping should not impede the opportunity for natural surveillance and must avoid the creation of potential hiding places. In comparison to high fencing it has a less forbidding appearance and can be very effective.

Suitable worded warning signs regarding trespass
Private property, NO ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC. etc

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection