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Electronic Security Systems

Thieves target vacant buildings or difficult to secure areas, often without power or communication lines

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Site security is an important issue for owners and managers.

Fuel and metal thefts are costly and cause on- going loss and inconvenience for the victim. A security guard or Electronic Security Systems or a combination of the two can help to prevent loss and protect your business assets.

Active Witness

Our Active Witness wireless camera system is ideal for Construction Sites, Church roof tops, Farms, Stables, Fuel Tanks, In fact it can be installed anywhere. If mounted on portable stands it can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands with no trenching and no wires.

The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in all weather conditions, ignoring rain and snow.

The risks

Thieves target vacant buildings or difficult to secure areas, often without power or communication lines including:

  • Construction Sites
  • Vacant Buildings
  • Communications Towers
  • Electrical Sub-stations
  • Foreclosed Properties

The collateral damage done ripping pipes and wires out of walls far exceeds the actual cost of the items stolen.

Suppliers and Installers of:

  • CCTV

Securipol (Systems) Ltd design and install systems that will suit your purposes. The alarm systems will be designed to meet your personal needs and to be user friendly.

High standards that comply with British Standards and that meet both the requirements of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and the NSI (National Security Inspectorate), this also means that an accredited installation will be Insurance approved.

We recognise that Domestic property is even more venerable to burglaries than Commercial buildings, therefore we offer a DISCOUNTED PRICE to Domestic Customers who want to protect their property without extortionate costs and disruption. We can offer WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEMS that meet the high requirements of ACPO, NSI and INSURANCE COMPANIES. Modern High Tech equipment fully guaranteed. Just like a standard wired system it can be monitored, either personally by the householder (email or phone) or via our Monitoring Centre, 365 days a year.

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