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Security Lock up and Un Lock service

Security Lock up and Un Lock service that will save you time

A cost effective Security Lock Up and Un Lock Service.

Securing your premises after business hours can be fraught. Late Workers, Cleaners, Maintenance and so -on. Providing codes to everybody in order to set alarms is always a risky business. The risk can be reduced by employing a Professional Security Guard to check and Lock Up your building after work.

How does it work?

Our Security Lock Up and Un Lock service ensures a client’s premises are opened up at the start of the day, or secured when staff leave to go home. Our SIA Licenced Mobile Officer will arrive shortly before the end of the working day and check that the last member of staff has left the building or at a time that suits your Company. By using our Security Lock Up and Un Lock service you don’t have to be the first to arrive and last to leave which means you can go home earlier with one less thing to worry about.